3 Tips For Finding The Best Place To Open A New Checking Account

A personal checking account makes it easy to pay bills and manage your money without having to carry cash around or go through the hassle of cashing your paycheck. Since there are so many banks to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which option is the best for you when it comes to opening a checking account. Use the following tips to make sure you find the best place to open a new account:

Convenient Locations

Most personal checking accounts come with an ATM debit card that allows you to make cash withdrawals or deposits at ATM machines belonging to your bank. If you happen to use your ATM card at an ATM machine that is not affiliated with your bank you will be charged a fee, so it is important to open an account at a bank that has ATM locations near your home, work, or any other place that you frequent. While you may not need to enter a bank branch often, it is also a good idea to choose a bank that has a branch in the event that you need in-person banking services.


In addition to fees for using non-bank ATMs, personal checking accounts can have other fees associated with them. Some banks charge monthly service fees just to have an account-- this fee is typically waived for customers who choose to have their paycheck direct deposited into their checking account.

Other fees to take into account are account minimum fees and overdraft fees. There are some banks that charge a fee if you don't keep a certain amount in your account, and each bank has their own policy when it comes to overdraft fees if you overdraw your account. If you don't keep a lot of money in your checking account, it is worth the time to find a bank that does not charge account minimum fees. It is also in your best interest to find a bank that offers a checking account that will not approve a debit charge if there is not enough money in the account so you can avoid overdraft fees.

No Limits on the Number of Transactions

Make sure that you look for a checking account that does not place a limit on the number of transactions that you are allowed to do each month. As a checking account customer, you should be able to have as many debits and credits as you would like. 

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