Three Bail And Bail Bonding Misconceptions

Being informed about your rights when it concerns bail is important for everyone to understand, as you may never know when you might find yourself either rightly or wrongly arrested.

Myth: You Can Only Pay For The Bonding Fees And Collateral With Cash

Using a bail bonding service will be the most effective option for many people that are needing to come up with a bail payment. However, individuals may assume that they will have to pay with cash to be able to use these services. Yet, this is often not practical as individuals may be arrested during holidays, after hours or other times when the bank is closed. Luckily, many bail bonding services can also accept wire transfers, credit cards and other forms of non-cash payment, but you will have to speak with each bonding service to determine their accepted payment methods.

Myth: Individuals Will Have To Visit The Bail Bondsman's Office To Complete The Application Process

Another assumption that people will often have about bail bonding is that they will have to meet with the bondsman in person to complete the bond. However, there are some states that allow bail bondsman to issue bonds for individuals that are not present in their office. This is done through the applicant submitting photo identification or other forms of proof of identity. In instances where the defendant is unable to access their wallet until they are released, the bondsman may be able to temporarily post the bail bond until the correct identification is provided.

Myth: Bail Bonding Services Are Extremely Unreliable

People that are needing bail bonds may be worried about the reliability of using these services. Yet, it should be observed that modern bail bonding services are usually heavily regulated. This will help to ensure that the bondsman is not discriminating against protected classes, overcharging their clients or wrongly retaining collateral. This makes it possible for you to use these services with confidence.

Myth: You Will Need An Attorney To Apply For A Bail Bond

Defendants might assume that applying for a bail bond will be far more complicated than it actually is. In particular, defendants might assume they will need their attorney presence in order to be approved for this bond. Yet, this is not the case as the bondsman is only concerned with the defendant and the likelihood of them absconding before their trial. In the event that you have to get your attorney to handle this process, bail bonding services will likely have ample experience working with defense attorneys.

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