Defending Your Rights From Arrest To Court Case

Dealing with police interactions requires you to know your rights, while also acting wisely. The key is to get in and out of the arrest situation, so you can quickly start developing your defense if charges are filed. This requires you to have a foundational understanding of the law, while also doing what you can to improve your success potential. To make sure you're cared for during and after an arrest, start by using these suggestions. 

Understand what the arrest does and doesn't mean

Innocent until proven guilty is very real, and not every arrest means that charges will be filed. A lot of people shoot themselves in the foot during an arrest because they go into desperation mode. Rather than acting in this manner, you need to know your rights when being arrested and also get the most out of the interaction to help you in case charges are filed.

First of all, never get rude or irritable with the officer. Ask them if you are indeed being arrested, and if not, if you are free to go. The officer is supposed to read you your Miranda Rights, at which point you should always exercise your right to remain silent. Make it clear that you do not consent to any searches and that you wish to get a lawyer before speaking or acting further. When you know these rights, it is easier to lean on them as opposed to panicking.

Go through the bail process so you can get out of jail

Next, fight to get out of jail as quickly as possible. The Constitution guarantees you certain rights and making a call to a bail bond agent can help you get your release. Usually, the judge will set a specific bail amount after a short hearing. At this hearing, you can have friends or family members speak on your behalf as to why you deserve bail and how they will help you under the terms of your bail. When you have the help of a qualified bail bond agent, you can easily secure the money you need to get your release.

Dive into research on your charges, prepare for court and get a lawyer

The less ignorant you are about the law, the easier it will be for you to defend yourself and take action. You will want the assistance of a great attorney for your preliminary hearing and beyond. Since the process of defending against charges can be quite long, use this time to learn more about the law to help your chances. 

With these tips, you'll be in the driver's seat when it comes to handling an arrest and court proceeding. For more information, contact a company like First Choice Bail Bonds today.