3 Things To Consider When Deciding Whether To Work With A Bail Bonds Company

If you don't have the means to make the bail that you expect will be ordered during your next court date, you may be considering working with a bail bonds company to stay out of jail or get yourself out if you end up there. Here are a few things to consider that should help you decide whether working with a bail bondsman is a good idea for you:

The Timeline

Before deciding whether or not to get bailed out of jail with the help of a bail bonds company, it's important to seriously consider the amount of time you expect to remain in jail while your case gets resolved. If you only plan to spend a few days behind bars before you're scheduled to go to court and settle your case, it might not be worth the trouble of trying to get bail through a bail bonds company.

The bail process could be more costly and stressful than if you were to just wait it out for a couple of days to see what happens in court before trying to obtain bail. But if you don't expect to go to court for weeks or even months, it's probably well worth your time and trouble to work with a bail bonds company.

The Collateral

When deciding whether or not to work with a bail bondsman to get out of jail, it's crucial to really consider whether you or your loved one can part with the collateral that's put up for your bail. If a piece of land, a vehicle, or even a piece of jewelry is put up as collateral, there is always a chance, even if very small, that your bail could be revoked for some reason and the collateral will be lost for good.

So even if you plan to follow all of the rules, show up for court, and get yourself out of legal trouble once and for all, you should be sure that you're willing to part with whatever collateral you decide to offer up in exchange for getting bailed out. The point is not to offer anything up for collateral that will make it impossible for you or a family member to maintain your quality of life.

The Reporting Process

Before committing to working with a bail bonds company, it's important to make sure that you completely understand their reporting requirements. If they expect you to call them every single day to check in, you need to be fully aware of this requirement and be willing to commit to it before you sign any paperwork.

If you'll be expected to attend an in-person meeting once or twice a month until your court date arrives, you should know ahead of time so you can properly prepare and plan to meet the requirement. If you aren't aware of the reporting process beforehand, you increase your risk of failing to comply with your bail terms and finding yourself back in jail before all is said and done.

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