Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Bail Bonds Agency

If you are arrested, the first thing that will come to your mind is how to stay out of jail. If you are lucky, the court may allow you to get out on bail. However, there are some mistakes you should avoid when working with a bail bonds agency.

Choosing an Agency That Works During Inconvenient Hours

While you cannot predict when you will require the services of licensed bail bonds, an arrest can happen anytime. Therefore, it is important to choose a bail bond agency that offers round-the-clock services. Remember, the courts will not allow you to be released without a written affidavit by the bail bonds agency.

The bail bondsman commits to be held responsible if you do not go to court on the specified date. Additionally, you should choose a local bail bonds service because they will take a short time to come to your rescue. Make sure you confirm the hours of service and location of a bail bonds service before you choose them.

Giving the Wrong Address in Your Application

It is essential to be honest when filling out a bond application. Many defendants are notorious for filling in the wrong address to skip town. Therefore, if you provide wrong information, the court will most likely assume your intention was not to attend court.

Providing the wrong address can cause your bond to be revoked. Additionally, your bondman may revoke your initial bond, which means your initial payment will be forfeited. Therefore, to get released, you will have to pay another fee for a second bond agreement. Make sure you fill out the right information before submitting the application.

Securing the Wrong Co-Signer 

The court sets a bail amount based on several factors including your current offense and criminal history. Your bail bonds agency will require you to provide sufficient collateral to meet the entire bail amount. However, if you do not have collateral that can cover the bail amount, you will need a co-signer.

A co-signer will act as a guarantor. They should show proof of residence and employment. Also, a co-signer should have enough money to cater for the licensed bail bonds commission and collateral that covers the bail amount. If the first co-signer you reach out to does not have a stable job, they will be considered unreliable by your bond agent. It is vital to get the right co-signer initially to secure your release earlier.