Defending Your Rights From Arrest To Court Case

Dealing with police interactions requires you to know your rights, while also acting wisely. The key is to get in and out of the arrest situation, so you can quickly start developing your defense if charges are filed. This requires you to have a foundational understanding of the law, while also doing what you can to improve your success potential. To make sure you're cared for during and after an arrest, start by using these suggestions.

Need A Title Loan? 4 Steps That Will Make The Process Easier

If you're short on cash and you own your car, a title loan might be the way to go. Unlike payday loans that you need to pay off out of your next paycheck, title loans give you a longer repayment plan. Not only that, but title loans often give you access to larger sums of cash, which can be beneficial during an emergency situation. Here are four steps that will help you get ready for the loan process.

3 Common Myths About Bail And Bail Bonds

When someone you love ends up in jail, you may get the call to bail them out until their court date. It's up to you whether you bail them out or not -- but you should make sure that the decision you make is based on real information, rather than myths. The following are three myths about bail and bail bonds, which are important to get past if you are in the position of needing to bail someone out.

Three Bail And Bail Bonding Misconceptions

Being informed about your rights when it concerns bail is important for everyone to understand, as you may never know when you might find yourself either rightly or wrongly arrested. Myth: You Can Only Pay For The Bonding Fees And Collateral With Cash Using a bail bonding service will be the most effective option for many people that are needing to come up with a bail payment. However, individuals may assume that they will have to pay with cash to be able to use these services.

Released On Bail? Why You Don't Want To Be A Bail Jumper

If you have recently been let out of jail due to a friend or family member getting a bail bond, you will certainly be enjoying your temporary freedom before you must go back to court and face the charges you have been accused of. However, you may be tempted to violate the terms of your bail and not show up to court, which is known as jumping bail. There are many consequences to jumping bail that you should be aware of so that you do not do it.